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Symptoms of leukaemia

Leukaemia can be hard to spot because the signs and symptoms are common to other unrelated illnesses. Knowing what to look out for could help you make the decision to visit your GP sooner for a blood test.

The three most common symptoms experienced by all leukaemia patients prior to diagnosis are:

  1. Fatigue

  2. Bruising or bleeding

  3. Repeated infections

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Less than 1% of the UK public can name the top four symptoms of leukaemia.*

*Survey by Censuswide. on behalf of Leukaemia Care and Leukaemia UK


of the public would not visit their GP due to worrying about putting pressure on the NHS.*


Almost two fifths (37%) of UK adults are unable to identify any leukaemia symptoms at all.*

*Survey by Censuswide. on behalf of Leukaemia Care and Leukaemia UK

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Why am I so tired?

Extreme tiredness or fatigue is by far the most common symptom experienced by leukaemia patients.


Bruising or bleeding

Bruising or bleeding is the second most common leukaemia symptom.


Why am I feeling so ill all the time?

Repeated infections are often misdiagnosed as something else such as the common cold.

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Other leukaemia symptoms

There are often other leukaemia symptoms that patients face before diagnosis including shortness of breath, fever or night sweats and bone/joint pain.

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