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Throughout the month of September, we will be sharing leukaemia stories online, highlighting the various symptoms that patients experienced before being diagnosed with leukaemia.

Share your leukaemia story

You can create greater awareness online among friends who are not aware of the symptoms by sharing your leukaemia diagnosis story.

Not online? We are happy to share your story for you, you can email us on or if you have a family member who is happy to share it online on your behalf, that can also be a great way to spread awareness.

Here is some suggested text to use online:

My name is <name> and when I was <age at diagnosis> I was diagnosed with <type> leukaemia. Before my diagnosis I had the following symptoms <delete as appropriate> fatigue, bruising or bleeding, night sweats, frequent infections, weight loss, feeling weak or breathless. I didn’t know these were signs of a leukaemia, before my diagnosis, which is why you to help me raise awareness of leukaemia. I am asking five people from my friends and family to share this message to raise awareness of leukaemia #SpotLeukaemia.

[Attach a photo to yourself to the post]

Shout about our Spot Leukaemia campaign online

Join us in sharing information and stories throughout the month.


Keep an eye on all our social media platforms and share our stories, videos, infographics and more. 

Shareable downloads are available below. 

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